BIG-gruppen´s basic principles

BIG-gruppen is Sweden’s leading chain of independent suppliers of tools, machinery, protective equipment and industrial supplies for professional tradesmen. We are constantly working on developing our product range in response to local customer requirements and demands. We cooperate with those manufacturers who stand for innovation and high quality. We take a genuine and serious interest in our customers and other interested parties.

Our customers are professional tradesmen and high quality and function are a given as far we are concerned. Our ongoing improvement work and efforts to prevent environmental impact includes:


Efforts to improve quality form a natural part of our daily work. This approach is based on us taking a holistic view of the requirements and expectations our customers have of us. Quality is achieved through skilled, committed and motivated employees who feel a sense of responsibility and participation. All staff are responsible for making sure their daily work meets the required standards of quality, and they also feel a sense of responsibility for overall quality.

In order to be the first choice for our customers and long-term partners, we offer:

▪ a broad product range with high-quality products. We also regard ourselves as problem solvers, since we are able to hold stocks of, and can obtain, products unique to a customer. This way we are able to offer customers the opportunity to reduce the number of suppliers.

▪ high precision and speed in our logistics.

▪ highly skilled and service-focused staff. This is achieved through continuous training, which motivates and engages staff.

▪ business system with effective IT solutions internally and externally and the facility for customer-specific solutions.


Environmental work is an integral part of our daily activities. We must strive to constantly improve and actively work towards reducing our negative environmental impact with regard to products, services and transports. By setting targets and taking preventive action we must protect the environment and promote sustainable development.

This means that we:

▪ train and motivate staff so that everyone can contribute towards improving the company’s environmental performance.

▪ economise when it comes to our own consumption of natural resources, by taking measures to sort waste and reuse packaging materials, and to promote recycling.

▪ coordinate purchases and deliveries.

▪ adhere to current environmental regulations and other environmental requirements.

▪ in cooperation with our suppliers inform our customers of any potential environmental alternatives.
Christer Johansson
MD, BIG-gruppen