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Industry-specific training for professionals
We at BIG-gruppen offer you and your company various industry-specific courses. This is an important part of what we offer our customers as well as our safety work. Safety comes from among other things the right products, the right training and the right attitude. We have a selection of courses that contribute to better, more efficient and safer workplaces. The courses follow the curricula recommended by the Swedish Work Environment Authority and branch organisations. According to the Work Environment Act, the employer is primarily responsible for the work environment and the employee shares responsibility for having the right training for the work. Approved course participants receive a certificate of completion with photo.

Fall safety
The course is for all who work at heights (over two meters). A risk assessment shall show whether this is also necessary in other situations, such as when working with work platforms, in enclosed spaces or close to water. The course is both theoretical and practical. Participants will also experience being suspended from heights with the appropriate equipment. The training is concluded a practical and a theoretical test.

Course time: 4 hours, theory with practice
Hot work
A course for all who are involved in hot work*, i.e. permit issuers, fire guards and hot workers. The course mixes practice with theory and covers everything from work environment plans and insurance companies' safety regulations to fire knowledge and practical exercises.
* Hot work: Work in temporary workplace is where there is high risk for fires.

Course time: 6.5 hours
Work platforms/skylifts
The course is for all who use lifting equipment as well as supervisors and safety representatives. During the course we go through laws and regulations, employer responsibilities, employee responsibilities, pneumatics types, construction, maintenance, daily checks, inspections, safety measures and fall safety.

Course time: 4 hours theory and 4 hours practice
Safe lifting/lifting training
The course is for all who handle and transport different materials using various crane types. It is intended for those who secure various loads, serve as signalmen and direct crane operators. The training takes up everything from laws and regulations to risk assessments and selection of lifting devices.

Course time: 4 hours theory and practice
Scaffolding construction, general course
The course is for all who have no or little experience or training in assembly, alteration and disassembly of scaffolding with a height of 2-9 m or who are leading this work. Among other things, we go through laws and regulations, risk assessments, safety around the scaffolding, plans for erection, use and dismantling of scaffolding and anchoring of scaffolding.

Course time: 8 hours
Scaffolding construction, continuation
The course is for all who have experience in assembly, alteration and disassembly of scaffolding with a height of 2-9 m or who lead this work. During the course we go through laws and regulations, choice of position, risk assessments, anchoring of scaffolding, weather protection and practical assembly and disassembly of scaffolding.

Course time: 16 hours, of which 8 hours theory and 8 hours practice. Fall safety exercise included.
Bolt guns
The course is for construction workers, contractors, plumbing installers, electrical installers, and workers in industry and agriculture. The course covers the Swedish Work Environment Authority's regulations, risk assessments, personal protection, safety measures, function and use, marking, care and maintenance, ammunition and fasteners.

Course time: 4 hours
Forklift training
The training is for workers in industry, contracting, and at terminals, professional drivers, warehouse workers and construction workers and covers laws and regulations, forklift cards and driving permits, working methods, risks and safety regulations, goods handling, ergonomics and dangerous goods.

Course time: 16 hours, of which 8 hours theory and 8 hours practice. The course concludes with a theoretical test and the trainee receives a forklift card. Forklift driver card base: 8 hours.
First aid and defibrillators
The training is for companies and organizations that want to be able to handle emergency care and similar crisis situations on the job. No prior knowledge required. The course covers methods and management of respiratory and cardiac arrest, and the use of defibrillators.

Course time: 
Overhead cranes
The course is aimed at those who want to become crane operators, those who secure loads, load supervisors or signalmen. The course is also suitable for supervisors, BAS P and BAS U and others. The course also covers revolving cranes, gantry cranes, cantilever cranes and telphers. The course deals with laws and regulations, crane design, pneumatic tools, risk assessments, load securing, safe work with cranes, personnel lifts, collision risks, maintenance, inspections and service.

Course time: 8 hours

Registration for the above courses is through your sales representative or in stores. Registration is binding.
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