Active product choice for a better environment and sustainable development

You can now see how our products are environmentally classified by BASTA, Sunda Hus and Byggvarubedömningen. Within the BIG companie´s e-commerce solution, many products are now labelled with a symbol indicating what environmental assessment they have received from BASTA, Sunda Hus and Byggvarubedömningen.
  • BASTA employs the assessment levels BASTA and BETA, where BASTA meets the highest demands, while BETA meets the basic requirements regarding chemical content.
  • Sunda Hus uses the assessment levels A, B, C+, C- and D, depending on how the product is assessed from an environmental perspective.
  • Byggvarubedömningen has the assessment criteria Recommended, Acceptable and Avoid.

  • We have many articles in our system and we are constantly adding more. Read more about BASTA, Sunda Hus  and Byggvarubedömningen



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