Fagverktøy AS in Alta – New company in the BIG group

We are pleased to announce that Fagverktøy AS i Alta has chosen to become a partner in the BIG group from January 1st, 2016 and we wish them a warm welcome.
Fagverktøy AS was founded in 2002, has 10 employees. Their 1000 m2 offices are centrally located on Alta’s largest industrial estate, Aronneskjosen.
They have a trade store and regional warehouse with tools, consumables and industrial goods, machinery, personal protective equipment and work wear, hydraulic & hose workshop and a gas depot.
Among others, Fagverktøy sells to trade customers in the following sectors – industry, crafts, public sector, workshops, construction, contractors, transport and fishing.
Their goal and vision is to be the leading supplier in their product range in their sales region. They will have expert knowledge, which will be constantly developed and they will always meet the requirements of the customer.


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