Thirty people with total focus on major customers in the Nordic region

Customers with operations in several locations, so-called group customers, gain many advantages from having a major customer agreement with BIG-gruppen.

This is what we offer our major customers:

  1. A joint cooperation agreement.

  2. National or Nordic price lists.

  3. Guaranteed supply of goods to relevant units.

  4. Technical competence and support.

  5. Local market knowledge.

  6. Large flexibility for customer-specific solutions for the end user.

  7. Invoicing by BIG-gruppen or by the individual BIG-gruppen companies.

  8. Orders placed with BIG-gruppen or with the individual BIG-gruppen companies.

  9. Electronic or printed customer catalogues are produced as per separate agreement.

  10. Different conceptual solutions such as Total Service Provider and BIG Warehousing Service.

  11. Access to more than 1.5 million items, directly from leading producers around the world, without costly middlemen.

Ask for Team BIG and we will tell you more!