Glue-joint sealant-tape and construction

BIG-gruppen’s customers are professional tradesmen, and high productivity, quality and function are natural areas of focus for us. We work closely with leading producers around the world and are constantly developing our product range in close cooperation with them and our end customers. Below are some of the most important suppliers we work with.

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3M markets a complete, high-quality range of tapes, adhesives, grinding products, personal protection equipment and cleaning products. We have always focused on the end user. Some of our well-known brands are 3M, Scotch, Scotch-Brite, Peltor and Speedglas.

Casco supplies for high quality products in the areas of adhesives, sealants, putties, fasteners and seals. With a wide range of products, expertise, a high level of service and quality, we give customers that little extra when they choose Casco.

Finja offers durable solutions for construction involving brickwork and plastering. An environmentally friendly and broad range that includes light expanded clay aggregate, dry mortar, floor screeds, cellular plastics and render systems.

Flack offers strong and durable fabric tape.

Halfen AB is a leading supplier of technical solutions and supplies for the construction industry. BIG-gruppen offers technical support and high delivery reliability of quality assured products.

Loctite® is one of the world's largest brands in quick-drying glues and anaerobic adhesives. Loctite®´s products lock, seal threaded joints, glue, replace gaskets, join together materials in a non-mechanical way, clean and lubricate - a solution for every application. 

Plastic Padding is a Swedish brand that conquered the world with its invention Chemical Metal. Even today, more than 50 years later, Plastic Padding is one of Sweden's strongest and best-known brands, with production still based at Hisingen in Gothenburg, just as it was in the beginning.


Polynova Nissen provides foils, tarpaulins, refuse sacks, etc. for the current and future needs of construction and industry. We are actively caring for the environment – please contact your nearest BIG-gruppen company for information about an environment-friendly plastic alternative.

Rust-Oleum Hard Hat Industrial aerosol paints for professional protection, maintenance, marking, line marking, etc.

Sika is one of the world's leading suppliers of speciality chemicals for construction and industry. Sika's product range includes speciality mortars, joint sealants, adhesives and concrete admixture.

Soudal, based in Belgium, is one of Europe's leading producers of adhesives, sealants and building foam. The products are produced in own factories on four continents, ensuring high quality, and through subsidiaries worldwide, good technical support is provided.

Stokvis Tapes is the leading brand for efficient tape solutions. Smart and functional, self-adhesive products for joining, masking, isolation, packaging, electromechanics and building and repairs.

With a focus on innovation, Tebo Construction Accessories offers a unique range of high quality Construction and Maintenance products. The product portfolio consists of both own and selected partners' brands.

Technima has a range of spray paints, technical products and marking accessories indispensable for professionals in the construction industry and public works. Quality, precision, long-distance visibility and durable markings adapted to the customer's needs. Some of Technima's well-known brands are Soppec, Mercalin.

Thonic Inspektionsluckor is a brand that comprises a range of inspection covers for all uses, tastes and requirements. Thonic is an inspection cover that is fit to be seen, with the simplest and quickest installation on the market.