Industrial products

BIG-gruppen’s customers are professional tradesmen, and high productivity, quality and function are natural areas of focus for us. We work closely with leading producers around the world and are constantly developing our product range in close cooperation with them and our end customers. Below are some of the most important suppliers we work with.

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CRC has, in addition to the familiar universal oil 5-56, a wide range of industrial chemicals aimed at the professional market. CRC makes products for lubrication, cleaning, degreasing/corrosion protection, etc. 

GERM AB is one of the leading makes in lubrication, grease, diesel and chemicals equipment. A product programme of pistons, membranes, impellers and wing pumps, both electric and pneumatic, means we can pump most mediums.

Gloria is a German manufacturer that is one of the largest in the world when it comes to compression sprayers. The sprayers are versatile and have multiple uses within industry, crafts and agriculture. All sprayers are ergonomically designed for every area of use.

Loctite® is one of the world's largest brands in quick-drying glues and anaerobic adhesives. Loctite®´s products lock, seal threaded joints, glue, replace gaskets, join together materials in a non-mechanical way, clean and lubricate - a solution for every application.

Lundgrens, Everything relating to industrial rubber, such as rubber cloths, mats, industrial hoses, hose clamps, etc.

MOLYKOTE is a pioneer and market leader in special lubricants. The company has extensive knowledge of tribology and decades of in-depth experience. Bearing, assembly and screw lubrication are some of the application areas for which we offer products.


Pressol has been a world-leading brand since 1910. This guarantees a broad range for nearly all areas of use within lubrication and mechanical workshop technology.

ROCOL is known for their high-quality cutting fluids and lubricants, as well as the RTD series for difficult machining operations with difficult materials. Various maintenance products and an assortment of line-marking products are also stocked.